Be Alert to Plumbing Leaks

Don’t get stuck making costly repairs; consider these simple devices to alert you to plumbing leaks and possible floods.

  • Average cost in the US to remedy and clean up a water issue is $2,175.
  • The cost a water sensor or alarm is $85-$350.

Point-of-use water detection devices are an innovative and inexpensive way to help protect you and your home against water damage caused by a renegade appliance or exhausted pipe.

Sensors with automatic power cut off switches are available for the overflow pans that new building codes require under laundry room washing machines and HVAC units located in basements, garages, and attics.

You can place water sensors on your laundry room floor, in your basement, near your water heater, or just about anywhere. An alarm will sound when moisture is detected.

You can find these devices at your local home improvement store or online.

  • “FloodSafe” Water Detector Shutoff is designed to detect the presence of water beneath the water heater and automatically shut off the cold water supply and power source to the water heater protecting your investment from major water damage.
  • The “WaterWatcher” control module can turn off electrical power to any leaking appliance such as the dishwasher, washing machine, or the solenoid valve in the automatic coffee maker in your home or office. If the leak is detected, it will sound an alarm and turn off the appliance causing the leak.
  • “D-link” also makes a great wifi enabled sensor that sends notifications to your smart phone.









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