Outdoor Tips: by Michael Culver

b y: M i c h a e l C u l v e r

Check Regularly – Things to Check Regularly Around the Home

Chimney caps – The Importance of Chimney Caps

Cold Weather Tips

Contractors – Contractor Hiring Basics

Deck –¬†Extending Deck Life

Healthy Deck – Keys to a Safe and Lasting Deck

Dry Weather – Being Prepared for Our Next Dry Spell

Gutters – Getting Your Gutters Ready for Fall

Holiday Safety – Holiday Safety Ideas for Your Home

Pests – Protecting Your Home From Unwanted Winter Visitors

Pressure Washing – There’s More to Pressure Washing Than Sparkling Results

Railings – What You Should Know About Railings Around Your Home

Roofing Materials – Keeping on Top of Roofing Materials

Sink Holes – What Causes “Sink Holes” in Your Yard?

Sinking Stoops, Steps, Patios – What to do About Sinking Stoops,Steps, and Patios

Termites – Termite Treatment and Monitoring Basics

Water – Tips for Keeping Water Away From Your Home

Wood Types – Which Wood Would Work?

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Cold Weather tips


Extending deck life

healthy deck

winter check up

rodents and other pests prevention

Pressure Washing Basics

types of roofing materials

termite treatment and monitoring basics

keeping water away from the home












Wood materials